All Traffic Tickets came to our rescue!
With two teenage boys in the house and both on our automobile insurance policy it was very important for my husband and I to keep our insurance rates low. Well didn’t I get tickets as well as my boys. When my sons weren’t going to let their Mother live it down we decided to try a Paralegal company to help us in court. John at All Traffic Tickets came to our rescue! Not only did he eliminate my sons tickets but mine was reduced so I didn’t lose any points. With nine possible demerit points on the line John was able to help us save all of our points. Thank you All Traffic Tickets!
Alicia M.
I am so glad I had these experts in my corner
I was facing huge fines around $22000.00 worth with two no insurance charges and two drive under suspension charges, etc. I wasn’t sure what to do and I called the professionals at All Traffic Tickets. They were confident and took charge of the case which was really getting to me. In the days leading up to court I was a nervous wreck. Christian Egsgard represented me at court and the final result was no suspension of my license and $22000.00 worth of fines was reduced to $1250.00. I couldn’t believe it! All Traffic Tickets has really helped me turn my life around and I am so glad I had them in my corner.
Bill P.
What a Difference All Traffic Tickets Makes
I’ve had my fair share of tickets being the owner of an exotic car company. My friends Christian and John at All Traffic Tickets have really made a difference to both my driving record and my insurance policy. Thanks again guys!
Ivo M.
Professional and Effective!
Thanks again to All Traffic Tickets. John and Christian's service was both professional and effective. I recommend you to all my friends at the marina.
Paul A.
Thanks for being my rockstar!
"I found myself in a bad situation and was losing hope that there was no way out.  I came across all traffic tickets because I drive past them daily on my commute to work.  It was the best phone call I ever made.  Not only were they pleasant, but helpful.  Christian is probably one of the most direct, upfront people you will ever meet.  He doesn't mince his words and he means what he says.  He solved my issue within one day and went above and beyond.  He is definitely a fighter but also a gentle giant.  I will always be grateful to Christian and his team.  If you are having an issue give them a call, trust me you wont regret it. Thanks for being my Rockstar Chris!"  
Jane D.

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