To Help Find Your Solution

What makes All Traffic Tickets different than the rest?
AThank you for asking. We at All Traffic Tickets do everything within the bounds of the law to further the position of your case! Right from the very minute we receive your Toronto traffic ticket or your Ontario traffic ticket we are seeking to totally eliminate your ticket. We handle all cases in this fashion. Our paralegals will exhaust all avenues and all possibilities of defense in your case and we do this on a daily basis with enormous success. We win 90% of our cases.

Does it make a difference to hire a former Police Officer to defend you in court?
AOf course it does! Christian was a Police Officer for almost twenty years and has an intricate knowledge of traffic court. Coupled with 10 years as a defense agent in court that makes for “30 years of experience in your corner”. Prior to Paralegal Regulations anyone could represent you in court, most without the necessary experience or training to go to court past experience therefore this is a huge factor in winning your case.

How do I know if a charge has any demerit points?
AGive us a call, there is no need to be shy and we will let you know. We will let you know with no pressure. Remember, “if you don’t use us, we both lose”.

Are there any guarantees?
ANo! Since May 1st, 2008 when the Law Society of Upper Canada began regulating paralegals All guarantees have stopped in Ontario. Now we are simply a fee for service just like lawyers. If you talk to or visit a paralegals office that offers “Guarantee” or “We Win or it’s FREE”, that person is acting outside the “Paralegal’s Rules of Conduct” as set out by the Law Society and should be reported. Certainly you should not hire such a person to defend you on your case because what other rules are he or she breaking.

Who can defend me in court?
AAs of May 1st, 2008 only a licensed paralegal or a lawyer may represent you in court. Before you give any paralegal your case and your money make sure he/she is licensed and is in the Law Society’s directory at Please look up Christian Egsgard and John Egsgard.

How long does the whole court process take?
ATypically to fight a Toronto traffic ticket it takes anywhere from 10 to 13 months or more. Other Ontario traffic tickets may take 4 to 6 months to complete substantially less then a Toronto traffic ticket.

I heard I can request a meeting with a prosecutor and fight my own ticket!
AA meeting with the prosecutor first and foremost guarantees a conviction on your driving record. Why because this is a process call, “guilty with an explanation” and all convictions go on your driving record. At these meetings you have no chance to win because you are pleading guilty. The prosecutor does not have to prove a case against you and the officer doesn’t show up. You give up the possibility to totally win and The insurance costs of doing that may be outrageous.

Also refer to our Demerit Points Page to see a full list of violations and the demerit points associated with each one.