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We can help you fight any traffic ticket!

  • Stop signs
  • Red and Amber Lights
  • Seat Belt
  • Careless Driving
  • Stunt Driving
      • Driving Under Suspension
      • Usable User Interfaces
      • Front and Back-End Coding
      • No Insurance
      • Fail to Stop

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All Traffic Tickets was founded in 1996 by Christian Egsgard, a former York Regional Police Officer for almost twenty years. When Christian first left the Police force in 1996 he went to work in the paralegal industry and found the service provided was very basic and there was not a lot of concern about the individual persons case. There was not much time spent with each client and client service was almost non-existent. It was a real sausage factory atmosphere, just churning out the cases without the benefit of putting on a real defence for the client and trying to totally cancel the case. If this was the traffic ticket business, Christian didn’t want any part of it! So Christian decided to go out on his own and All Traffic Tickets was born.

At All Traffic Tickets, we fight all Toronto Traffic Tickets and all Ontario Traffic Tickets. Each and every case gets scrutinized to see which is the best way to defend it based on the facts of the case and our personal efforts for success for all of our clients. We are famous and built our reputation on trying to totally totally canceling the ticket. Most of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals by satisfied customers whose cases WE HAVE WON! And brought a solution to their Traffic Ticket problems. This speaks volumes about our company.

What makes our company DIFFERENT is that we try everything within the scope of the law to cancel your ticket totally. This is different then any other company out there. It is our desire for your victory, coupled with our good reputation and professionalism that makes us different than the rest.

At All Traffic Tickets each client is a special client!

Christian Egsgard, his brother John Egsgard and our excellent staff will provide you with the highest level of service available in the paralegal industry, for all your Toronto traffic tickets and all your Ontario traffic tickets. Call our office manager today and arrange to meet with one of our licensed paralegals to discuss your case.

We defend all Toronto traffic tickets, York Region and all Ontario traffic tickets.

If you don’t use “All Traffic Tickets.….WE BOTH LOSE!