Texting and Driving

The most common ticket I see lately is for cell phone charges. If your like me, you don’t go anywhere without your cell phone in reach. For most it’s the last thing we look at before bed and the first thing we look at in the morning. Be it checking emails or perusing social media, most of us are guilty of being addicted to our cell phones. For me, the actual phone aspect of it takes a back seat to its usefulness in having my computer at my finger tips. I use the internet, email, Facebook, Twitter and generally look up whatever I need.

However once I’m in the car it’s off limits. My cell immediately connects to Microsoft Sync when I start my car and I can dial by voice command or even send a text. Occasionally I am tempted to read an incoming email or other message but I don’t.

How embarrassing would it be for me, the traffic ticket guy, to end up with a cell phone charge, if I’m spotted by the police? So I restrain myself and it’s actually a nice break to not be so reliant on my phone for a change.

These days, the way driving has changed we must give 100% attention to the road and those around us at all times. There is simply no room for distraction, and texting while driving or allowing your focus to be drawn away from the road is just too dangerous. It is one of the most highly publicized laws in Ontario and it’s the ticket I see most often lately! Unfortunately, it is often repeat offenders!

If you must use your phone while you drive, there is plenty of handsfree Technology, and if your vehicle is not equipped with built in Bluetooth, a device is certainly only a trip to Best Buy away.

A bill by the province was given royal assent on June 2nd this year and the cell phone law is changing in the fall to include a fine of $500 to $1000 and three demerit points on your license. It is the hope of the law makers that raising the stakes might finally get people’s attention and make them put down their phones for good while driving. The “distracted driving” statistics show that more accidents and death occur now than with impaired driving. I personally know of a local family that lost a 20 year old son to texting and driving in Markham. So please, although we will defend you in court on these charges, we’d rather our clients and their loved ones remain safe! Go hands free while driving your cars and avoid the stiff new penalties to come or something even worse.

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