So you got pulled over by a policeman because he noticed your license plate sticker was expired… To make matters worse as soon as he tells you, that is the reason he stopped you , you remember getting the renewal notice and putting it in the kitchen drawer to deal with closer to the actual date. Now you’re mad at yourself.

The policeman walks back to his car and you know he’s running your license and it seems to be taking forever. Now panic sets in…

Some twenty minutes later he strolls back up to your window and you expect he might let you go with a warning. Why not, you were polite and respectful when you gave him your license, apologetic really and you haven’t been a bad driver and can’t remember the last time you had to deal with a traffic cop.

Well apparently it was last November when you ran a stop sign and it seems that ticket went into the kitchen drawer too, only to be forgotten about like the renewal of your sticker. That kitchen drawer is obviously working against you. So now the officer tells you that your license has been suspended for quite sometime. This situation is going from bad to worse. Your thinking what else is in that kitchen drawer I need to worry about.

Now the policeman is handing you a suspension notice and two summonses and he informs you he’s called a tow truck and you need to call a friend to drive you home.

The policeman continues to tell you if convicted you will get a $1000 fine and a further six months license suspension.

This charge even carries possible jail time he tells you.

“How do I defend this,” you ask yourself?

There is really no defence, because I simply forgot about that other ticket.

Now you think to yourself, “this is serious,” and wonder what to do. The answer is:  Call All Traffic Tickets and let their professional paralegals work for you to straighten out this mess. With our combined thirty years of court experience we’ll have you back on the road in no time and minimize the damage to your driving record.

Don’t find yourself in serious trouble call us the FIRST TIME.

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