Over the years I discovered we have certain types of clients. There are those that are seeking the help of a professional legal service to do a job they realize should be left to a paralegal. Then there are those that simply came once and found we do good work that brings them a good solution to their legal problem so they turn to us whenever the need arises.

Then there are the “do it yourself” types that have gone to court to fight the good fight and made a huge mess of their case and come to us to fix it.

It’s these clients I want to talk about in this article. I hear these people in the line up at court when I’m there to do our administration. I listen and shake my head at the misinformation these people believe to be true. Either they heard from a friend or coworker or looked up what they believe to be helpful information on the internet.

“Everyone was doing the same speed so he can’t prove it was me” or “he couldn’t have seen the light change it was snowing”. Its statements like this they are going to rely on to fight their case on the trial date. If I pay the fine amount plus a dollar they won’t be able to process my ticket and it will never go on my record.

It’s these myths and misconceptions that some people are armed with when they go to trial. Of course they get convicted and then seek out a paralegal to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, in order to appeal a case there must be an error in law or an error in fact. None of the above qualify! The appeals court is not in the habit of overturning a decision because the “do it yourself-er wants a do-over! So the conviction remains and in fact if the case is say a year old and you lose the appeal the clock starts all over again from the day you lose, keeping the conviction on your abstract that much longer.

So this article is for the person that feels they can do the job of an experienced paralegal but find out they couldn’t when it’s too late and the damage is done. Because everything that goes to your driving record has the ability to cause your insurance rates to increase maybe substantially its important to seek professional help.

Would you use hearsay advice or refer to You Tube to avoid paying an electrician to change your fuse panel?

Is it worth saving the money a dentist charges to pull out your own teeth? Hopefully not but some people…..

So the next time you get a traffic ticket bring it by to one of our offices for a free consultation. Don’t walk into a courtroom to fight your own case armed with a bunch of misinformation. Let All Traffic Tickets defend you and protect your driving record. After all we have been doing this for over 20 years and word is we’re getting pretty good at it!

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