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I don’t want my blog to be a RANT STYLE BLOG but holy cow I’m gonna talk about insurance this week. And that’s a can of worms. I don’t want to say rip off, oops I just did.

It is a statistical fact that in Toronto, GTA we pay the HIGHEST INSURANCE in ALL of Canada. The annual average cost is $1,600.00 dollars and up. This is double what it costs in Quebec and the Maritimes.   And statistically the highest person is in Toronto, GTA, where a: Male, under 25 years old, living in GTA, not married. Probably THREE times that of a woman same situation.

So how do we lower our insurance rates. God only know the lying Liberals are not going to help. They said they would help lower insurance rates in Ontario and they haven’t. Oh that’s a surprise hahaha.

What else can we do? The insurance companies tell you to install a app or software to record and monitor your driving habits. Then they say it will not be used against you to raise your rates. Bull shit!!! It will only be used to lower your rates. Bull!!!

If they want to give us lower rates then just do so. They don’t want to lose their profits. 4 years ago when I checked the profits of the insurance industry they MADE (profit) A WOPPING 62 BILLION DOLLARS, YES BILLION WITH A B.

That’s ridiculous and it’s off of the good drivers backs. Good drivers are paying extra extra to off set the cost of a bad driver, so he/she can still afford insurance.

So as a example and an example only for the numbers. Let’s say I pay $1,800 dollars a year, 55 yr old man, never an accident and never a ticket and I am. Lol   The male driver that we talked about is paying $6,000 (example only everyone). If we paid that which is fair based on driving record accidents etc.. I would be paying say $800. Perfect record flawless 39 years and the other person in the example would pay $8,000 per year. You see that person could afford insurance.

So he’s out of the game and the insurance companies lose him. So hose me and others a little and give the benefit of the hosing to that driver.

This is ALL MY OPINION. Thank goodness we can still have one.

So all that I see happening in the traffic ticket business is more and more people driving without insurance and this is very dangerous for all of us.

So what is the answer the keeping your insurance rates low. One is to hire ALL TRAFFIC TICKETS, with 40 years of expert experience, finding solutions to your traffic ticket needs.

The better answer everyone is to drive safely.

And here’s big tip after 40 years of experience and NOT 40 minutes of experience… Slow down!

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