Hi Everyone. This is mine and my brothers first stab at a blog, so bare with us we’ll get better as time goes on, I HOPE haha.

Well spring is here and after a long cold winter it’s a welcome sight for everyone. People are getting snow tires removed on their cars and those that ride motorcycles are excited for those first days when they can get those bikes on the road.

For people driving cars it’s very important to recognize motorcycles are sharing the roadways and are much smaller then cars and more difficult to see. Please keep a safe distance between your vehicle and motorcycles. Be extra careful to check your blind spots before changing lanes. Motorcycle riders should also exercise extra caution and ride safe, making sure to anticipate the cars around them. Remember sometimes the cars around you may not see you, so it’s crucial to change lanes safely and don’t make dangerous maneuvers throughout traffic. Also, I use to ride the “Bikes”, as we called them, on the Police Force, so remember don’t ride for long periods of time in a vehicles “blind spot”. This makes it dangerous for him and you. Remember you have no metal to protect you and he does. The other thing we were taught as bikers is NEVER EVER ride your motorcycle in the middle of the lane. WHY? This is where the most build up of debris is and is the middle of where the cars travel. This is important!!! we were taught this because oil and fluids fall on the road making this area very very slick. Especially during the start of a rain fall or during rain fall.

So both vehicles and motorcycle riders be careful and there. Keep your speeds and and look everywhere during the change of direction or a simple lane change. Your safety depends on it.

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